We believe that by giving disadvantaged children a helping hand early in life they can break out of the bonds of poverty and they can learn the skills necessary to build themselves a bright future.

With the kindness, compassion and generosity that Jesus taught, we are moved to help a child on the other side of the planet, showing God’s boundless love.  

By setting aside $100 per month, sponsors can make a world of a difference to a child’s life in India. A sponsorship makes it possible for another child to get an education at the Moravian Institute.


Since 1974 Canadians have been sponsoring children at the Moravian Institute in Rajpur, India.


The Insitute provides K-12 education for destitute children that arrive from difficult situations.


The vast majority of students at the Moravian Institute are non-Christians: Hindus, Tibetan Buddhists, Muslims and Sikhs.  When making admissions decisions, preference is given to orphans, to girls and to those from disadvantaged castes or tribes.


100% of all donations go directly to helping destitute children in India.  Each sponsorship helps to pay for a child’s tuition, room and board for one year.

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